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heritage club - planned giving


The YMCA solicits bequests or gifts which may be invested as endowments to produce income to ensure the continuance of our programs and services.  Gifts may be made in various ways during a lifetime or after.  

Individuals and couples have qualified to become members of the Heritage Club in one or more of the following ways:

• Making an outright gift of money, securities, property, or other marketable assets to the YMCA Endowment.

• Creating a charitable remainder trust, pooled income fund, or life estate gift to benefit the YMCA Endowment.

• Naming the YMCA Endowment as a beneficiary of a new or existing life insurance policy.

• Naming the YMCA Endowment to receive a bequest in a will or living trust.

Gifts and commitments may be directed to benefit the overall work of the YMCA or designated to support a particular program. It is the commitment, rather than the amount, that is the overriding factor in qualifying for membership in the Heritage Club.

For more information, please contact Michelle Head at (707) 545-9622 x3120.

These special friends of the YMCA gather once each year to renew old friendships, once again receive the heartfelt thanks of the association for their farsighted and concerned generosity, and to hear first-hand how current endowment funds are being used to further the work of the YMCA.

Heritage Club Members

Robert Asbra R. Michael & Sara Lowe
Reginald & Margaret Bayley Nona Lucas
Jeffrey & Jean Boal Jon & Gretchen Merry
David K. Brown, Jr. Jerry Miller & Linda Grove-Miller
John E. Brown Mr. & Mrs. Alan Milner
David & Phyllis Burks Lyn Muegge, CPA
Vernon & Jean Calsy Craig & Edie Roland
Gertrude Franchetti Trust Michael & Margaret Senneff
Ed & Evelyn Gibson Tad Shapiro
Richard & Jennifer Girvin Barry Silberg, MD
William C. & Jean Hart Sharon Stockham
Jeremy & Mandy Hodgdon David Strickland & Katie Kendrick
Rudolf Hoecker Kirt F. & Beverly Zeigler
John & Catherine Landis

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