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All members are entitled to two free orientations to the fitness center as a membership benefit.  Our wellness coaches meet individually with new members to help them become acquainted with the equipment, explore the Y’s unique offerings and learn a cardio and strength training routine that will be most effective for their goals.  Our member orientations are a wonderful way to get started with your gym membership. 

Whether you want to use the fitness center, take group exercise classes, use the pool or play sports; our wellness staff will discuss your goals and help you get started. 

You can also call the fitness center to schedule your appointment. 707-545-9622, ext. 3123

Youth are restricted from using the fitness floor from 5-7pm Mon. – Thurs., and we are unable to schedule family fitness orientations between 5-7pm on Monday – Thursday. For more information, please call the fitness desk.


activtrax kiosk

To be successful, it takes more than just a place to work out but someone or something to help you.  ActivTrax may help eliminate the intimidation, confusion, & boredom, making your workout much easier. 

ActivTrax is an added member benefit and FREE for Facility Members.  Each member has access to a FitQuest appointment which will better acquaint you with the ActivTrax program.  Your one on one appointment with one of our Fitness Staff will allow you to better discuss your goals, learn more about the ActivTrax system and how to use, and the development of a customized and easy to follow plan. 

With the ActivTrax mobile app, it is even easier to keep track of your workouts as you go!

Appointments may be scheduled by the Fitness Center staff or in the Member Center.

Brochure on ActivTrax!


(See trifold for fees)

Personal training is a great way to receive in-depth and individualized support in meeting particular fitness needs, conditioning goals or coming back to exercise after an injury.  Our trainers are experts in helping you set goals that are appropriate and achievable.  They also provide support, accountability, and guidance along the way.  

Train one on one with a certified Personal Trainer to reach your specific health and fitness goals. Whether you are training for a race or trying to jump-start your exercise plan, our Personal Trainers will structure a program to meet your individual needs.  For more details, contact Rachel Marcus, Health & Wellness Director at 545-9622 x3122 or 

PERSONAL TRAINING SPECIFICSpersonal trainer with client

  • Healthy Back Care

  • Core Strength

  • "Sports Specific" Training

  • Balance & Stability

  • "Re-entry" to Fitness or Beginning Fitness

  • Advanced Conditioning Programs

  • Flexibility Training

  • Weight Management


Interested persons only fill out the "Interest Form" inside the Personal Training Trifold. A Medical Release may be required prior to the first session.

The Health and Fitness Director will contact you to assign a Personal Trainer. Your assigned Personal Trainer will contact you to coordinate an appointment. Ongoing Appointments are agreed upon by the trainer & client on an individual basis.

Pay for your Personal Training sessions in the membership office, prior to your set appointment time & bring your receipt to your session.

QUESTIONS? Contact Rachel Marcus, Health & Wellness Director at 707.545.9622 ext. 3122 or


Sonoma County Family YMCA Personal Trainers are certified through nationally accredited fitness organizations such as American Council on Exercise, American College of Sports Medicine and National Association of Sports Medicine.  Trainers are required to attend continuing education classes throughout the year to maintain their qualifications. This ensures that you, the client, receive the most current and safe training information available.

PLEASE NOTE:  Only certified Personal Trainers employed by the Y are allowed to train others in the YMCA facility.  The YMCA employs and contracts Certified Personal Trainers in our facility. We also provide our trainers with the necessary employment and liability insurance to ensure their safety as well as yours. Thank you for your cooperation.

Please contact Rachel Marcus, Health & Wellness Director at 545-9622, ext. 3122 or if you have any special requests.

Fitness mini-classes

Please enjoy one or more of our Fitness Mini-classes given in the Fitness Center.  Join coaches for a 15-minute class and add variety to your workout.  Classes are open to all levels of experience.  Meet in the stretching area.  (flyer for mini-classes).

Queenaxqueenax machine photo

Small Group Training with the QueenAx apparatus

Tuesdays 5:30 – 6:30 pm  

In small group personal training, our trainers use the QueenAx apparatus to design a fun, playful, and functional workout that is adapted to everyone’s needs and goals. The QueenAx is a piece of equipment that incorporates suspension training, functional movement, and a playground-like atmosphere for a well-rounded and unique workout. The Personal Trainer takes time to learn about participants’ needs and to design a workout in which everyone is progressing towards their fitness goal. Small group training is more affordable than a one-on-one session, and you can bring your friends!

**Please see personal training trifold for small group training rates **

Class is capped at 8 people. Please register in the membership center before class.

Questions?  Email: Rachel Marcus, Health & Wellness Director 

Nutrition Counseling

My Plate graphicThe best way to make long-term dietary change is to work with a professional.  We offer 30-minute nutrition counseling sessions on site with a registered dietician.  In these sessions, the dietician guides the participant through an in-depth nutrition survey, discussion of performance goals, calculation of energy needs, developing a meal plan and goal setting to improve performance and health.  Sports nutrition counseling also available.  (flyer for nutrition counseling)

Nutritional services provided by Joyce Giammattei, DrPH, RD, CDE
For more information or to schedule an appointment for body composition analysis or nutrition counseling pick up an interest form at the Member Center or contact Joyce at  

Ultrasound Body Composition Analysis

(flyer and form for Ultrasound Body Composition Analysis) Body weight is not a clear indicator of good health because it does not distinguish how many pounds are from fat and how many are from lean body mass. You can get an accurate measurement of fat and muscle distribution with ultrasound technology.

No more uncomfortable calipers or inaccurate and sensitive bio-electrical impedance scale. Results are comparable to underwater weighing and air displacements. With ultrasound imaging, we are able to track changes in fat loss and muscle gain and provide unique scan images that clearly show superficial and deep adipose tissue layers. Having this information can motivate you to attain your ideal shape. 

For more information regarding Ultrasound Body Composition Analysis, contact Joyce Giammattei at  


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