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lap swim

people swimming laps in lanes


Lap swim provides an opportunity for swimmers to work at their own pace. Swimming is a great exercise; it increases aerobic capacity, muscular endurance and flexibility. Please be aware of basic lap swim etiquette. Choose a lane that is appropriate for your swim speed. Before entering a lane, always communicate with other swimmers. When there are three or more swimmers in a lane, you must circle swim, staying on the right side. Minimum age for lap swim is 15 (unless swimmer is able to swim one lap without stopping and approved by aquatic director). During lap swim, water walkers may share slow lane.

For patrons (13 yrs+) Lap swim guidelines are posted in the pool area. Must be 15 years of age or older unless approved by Aquatic Director or with the Lifeguard's discretion.

Lanes are divided by speed (Slow, Medium, Medium Fast, Fast). The lifeguard reserves the right to make lane assignments when necessary.

Walkers may use the slow lane if they maintain a forward, continuous lap progression.


Family Lap Swim is a time when families can swim laps together.

Pool lanes are marked by speed (Slow, Medium, Medium Fast, & Fast). Lap swimmers must maintain a forward, continuous progression in the lane. For your safety, please circle swim in the appropriate lane. Lifeguard will make lane assignments when necessary.

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