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The Y continues to be closed until further notice due to the current health order. We promise we will provide reopening info once we have an update. - More Details >>

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Distance Learning site closures due to fires: Yulupa, Strawberry, and Prestwood through 9/30 - More Details >>

Rates and Categories

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As of January 1, 2020.

Category Current Monthly Current Join
Adult (25+) $61 $49
2 Adult Household $79 $129
1 Adult Family* $69 $99
2 Adult Family* $87 $129
Family Plus** $99 $129
Young Adult (18-24 id) $39 $49
Senior Youth (15-17) $26 $29
Youth (6-14) $21 N/A
Senior Citizen (65+) $55 $49
Senior Household $66 $99

"Household" is defined as two adults or seniors living at the same residence. Membership thumbnail
*Family is defined as adult(s) plus children (age 24 and under) at the same residence.
**Family Plus is defined as three adults plus children (ages 24 and under) at the same residence.

Children under age 6 are included in the parent's membership. Children age 6-14 years must convert to a Youth or Family membership to maintain membership status. 

Youth membership (ages 6-14) must be maintained for a minimum of one year.


There is a one-time Join Fee for all new memberships (except Youth). Those who cancel their membership may rejoin within 6 months and not repay the Join Fee. For membership upgrades, the difference in the Join Fee is required.  The Join Fee is non-refundable.

We offer several options to pay these fees; full pay at the time of registration or the fee can be split into 3 equal payments (to be paid in 3 consecutive monthly payments).

Facility Membership

When you join the Y, you belong to a community of men, women, and children who strive every day to be healthy, confident and committed. A Facility Membership at the Sonoma County Family YMCA entitles you to use the entire facility, which includes the swimming pools,  Fitness Center, Group Exercise Room, Cycling Room, Activity Center, basketball court, locker rooms & day use locker, sauna, and Child Watch. Some areas have age designations. As a Facility Member, you will also receive the lowest rates on fee-based programs and priority sign-up for swim lessons.

YMCA Corporate Wellness Program

A company’s most valuable asset is its employees.  A healthy workforce leads to better productivity, less absenteeism, higher company morale, and lower healthcare costs, all of which have a direct impact on the success of the company. 

By partnering with the Y, companies can provide their employees with a comprehensive wellness program, health education and savings on a Y membership. 

For more information contact Rory O'Day at (707) 545-9622 x3135, or


Do you find it hard to fit health & wellness into your work week? This offers the same Facility Member benefits on a Saturday & Sunday only basis. This Membership is currently offered to our Young Adult, Adult, & 2 Adult Household Memberships. Please see our Member Center or website for pricing

The fees & membership types are as follows:

Category Monthly Quarterly Annually
Adult (25+) $27 $84 $324
2 Adult Household $47 $144 $564
Young Adult
(18-24 with ID)
$27 $84 $324


A Program Membership provides an alternative to Facility Membership for those who only wish to enroll in selected YMCA classes and/or programs. This membership does not include the use of the facility except when using passes. Benefits include lower program fees than the non-member rate, two facility day passes (good for one visit each), 50% off Youth and Senior Youth facility day pass, and $4 off adult facility day pass.

Fees are $40/year (Individual) or $60/year (Family).

*"Family" is defined as more than one family member on the membership.

Nationwide Membership

Beginning January 1, 2018, your Y membership will allow access to all Y’s throughout the country.  Please visit the website of the Y you’d like to visit to read through their member benefits, policies, check-in procedures, facility hours and class schedules. 

Thank you for your continued support of our YMCA, we value you as a member.


  1. Annual full payment (Check, Cash, Credit Cards)

  2. Monthly e-pay (automatic bank or credit card draft)

  3. Quarterly payments (Add $3 quarterly processing fee)

*You can choose to pay your quarterly and annual payments by automatic draft. The draft automatically pays your dues from a checking account or credit card on an ongoing basis.  

The bank draft automatically pays your monthly dues from a checking account or credit card on an ongoing, monthly basis. You can also choose to pay your quarterly and annual payments by automatic draft.  All returned drafts will be subject to a $25 service charge. Activation of your monthly bank draft requires one-month payment in advance and a completed e-pay form. 30 days signed, written notice is required for any changes to a bank draft account or to cancel e-pay.


Memberships may be placed on hold for a minimum of 1 month and a maximum of 3 months in a calendar year. There is a $10/month charge for this service ($5/month for memberships receiving financial assistance and for Youth and Senior Youth membership categories).


With written notice, the  Sonoma County Family YMCA will refund the unused portion of annual and quarterly dues paid by a member. Monthly auto draft members may cancel their membership with a 30-day written notice. All refunds are subject to approval and a processing fee.  The Join Fee is non-refundable.

Give the Gift of Health with YMCA Gift Cards

graphic of YMCA Gift Card

 Gift Cards are Available Now

If you are looking for the perfect gift, give the gift of health, wellness, and family time together with a gift card from the Y.  Cards can be used for Y programs like swim lessons or can be used for membership dues or guest passes to help someone you love get on the path to health and wellness.

Ask about gift cards in our Member Center today.



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