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Specialty Fitness

Ongoing Fee-based classes:

(Classes at Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa provided by the Sonoma County Family YMCA)

Join a weekly prenatal or postnatal yoga class to connect with moms-to-be or new mothers in a supportive setting.  This 1 hour class is designed for women in any stage of pregnancy. You will learn breathing techniques, yoga postures, and body awareness to help prepare your body and mind for birth. No prior experience necessary. See flyer for more details.

(a combination of Pre/Post Natal Aquatics and Prenatal Yoga)

Mommy-to-Be Pre/Post Natal Aquatics class is offered Tuesdays/Thursdays 6 - 7 PM and Fridays 9:00-9:55 AM. These classes support women interested in enhancing their delivery and recovery by preparing the body through regular, low-intensity exercise. 0 - 3 lanes will be present during the Pre/Post Natal classes.

Prenatal Yoga class provides body awareness that will give you the physical and mental strength to prepare for labor and delivery.  Offered Mondays, 5:30 - 6:30pm in the Conference Room.

*Register and purchase a punch card in the Member Center. Punch cards are good for either class.

ADULT AIKIDO (Fee: $20/$30/$40)
Monday/Intermediate Level, Thursday/Beginning Level)

Aikido is a martial art that promotes harmony and non-aggression by developing an awareness of oneself, an awareness of others and a way of interacting in harmony. Training for mind, body and spirit. Affiliated with Aikido World Headquarters and the Pacific Aikido Federation. Instructed by Don Stratton, 5th Dan who has over 38 years training and 33 years teaching at the YMCA.

TRX  (see flyer for fees and times)
TRX is a suspension trainer that uses gravity, and your own body weight, to increase core & muscle strength, joint stability and cardiovascular fitness.  Exercises are designed for ALL LEVELS, from the advanced athlete to the fitness novice.  Your TRX Coach will give you instructions during class to customize your workout for your fitness level and to help you meet your goals. 

Functional and suspension based training class utilizing the Queenax apparatus.  The Queenax is similar to an adult jungle gym where you’re mimicking the same motions you use in everyday life to build a stronger more agile body.  This class will be fun, creative, and intense.  (more info)

(Fees vary, see trifold here):
This program aims to provide a foundation towards gaining a more physically active lifestyle, better health through motor development, gain stronger balance, and experience better cognitive performance. Please fill out and return tri-fold interest form before signing up.

Brooks Emerson has been teaching swimming techniques to individuals of varying abilities for more than 8 years. He holds certification in Personal Training, Therapy Exercise, and Youth Development through, International Sports Science Association. More experiences have been gained through varied coursework while at Sonoma State, working with ANOVA Center for Education, summer camps in both California and Pennsylvania, and at the Sonoma County Family YMCA.

(Fee: $38/$48/$58) For children ages 7-12
Aikido is a Japanese martial art where children will learn physical techniques to improve coordination, posture, ambidexterity, awareness & motor skills.  The class format will be primarily traditional self-defense skills, games, and storytelling.

Sensei Jay H. Callender L. Ac. has 40 years experience and holds black belt ranks in multiple styles of martial arts.

Santa Rosa Gymnastics & Elite Cheer 12,000 square foot facility!

YMCA members receive a discount on their first session. Just show your membership card and receive the discount. Santa Rosa Gymnastics Center to offer children an opportunity to flip, roll, climb and jump. Toddler (ages 3-4) and beginner (ages 5-11) classes available. All classes held at SRGC, 525-1720.

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