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water exercise

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Aqua Aerobics

Join us in the pool for a fun cardio, strength & core workout. Using noodles, buoys, kickboards, the wall and just plain you, we’ll get your heart rate up and burn some calories, with smiles on our faces and sweat on our brows!  Less impact than land exercise so more forgiving for the joints. All levels welcome. See you in the pool. 

Energetic Aqua Aerobics with Laurel


In this challenging and fun class, Walter takes advantage of all he has learned in his more than 20 years of teaching water fitness. Thompson clearly understands and appreciates the advantages of exercising in the water due to it being a perfect environment to burn fat from intense and sustained aerobic exercise while protecting joints from harsh abuse. Thompson's style would best be described as "riding the waves". Thompson uses music and rhythm in his workouts in an effort to showcase smaller, quick and large movements through the water, which work the larger body muscles, while programming and using sport, athletic, and some dance moves to create a better and wider variety of creative improvised movement for both a fun and a vigorous session, that everyone can do and relate to for the entire hour workout.

Aqua Zumba with Sheila:

Jump into the Pool Party!  Low-impact, high-intensity cardio and toning workout using water resistance to strengthen and sculpt muscle groups.  Suitable for beginners or fitness enthusiasts. Aqua Zumba® combines traditional Latin-inspired rhythms, pop and global music to keep you moving, splashing and smiling while enjoying a safe, challenging and invigorating workout.  Requirements:  Keep Moving and Have Fun!

Need some other ideas?  Here are links to my page: and
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Therapeutic Ex with Walter:

A low to moderate intensity exercise program that is designed to help people with mobility, flexibility, balance, and strength. Great for post-surgery, arthritis, stiff muscles and people who want a gentle full body work out. The class can be adjusted to any fitness level.

Arthritis Water Exercise (varies per specific instructor):

The Arthritis Aquatic Program is a recreational class which is offered in two heated pools and provides the opportunity for people with arthritis to meet others who also have arthritis and to have fun! Non-swimmers and swimmers are welcome.

This program consists of range-of-motion and muscle-strengthening exercises in warm water. All of the exercises are designed to be within the capabilities of the majority of people with arthritis. Supportive swimwear and pool shoes are recommended. Monthly registration required for Program and Non-Members.

Senior Ex with Teresa

A low-impact cardiovascular workout with an emphasis on improving flexibility and range of motion. Supportive swimwear and pool shoes are recommended.


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