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The Y continues to be closed until further notice due to the current health order. We promise we will provide reopening info once we have an update. - More Details >>

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Youth sports will resume when Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted, and it is safe to resume youth sports.

The YMCA Builds Assets in Youth & Teens

Engage in fewer negative, high-risk behaviors such as using drugs and alcohol or having sex.
Exhibit more positive behaviors such as succeeding in school, assuming leadership roles and valuing diversity.
Demonstrate resilience in the face of challenges, stresses, and difficult situations.

Here are some examples of how the Sonoma County Family YMCA continues to help broaden a young person’s experi­ences and build assets:

  • 93% of youth say they feel safer after school because they go to the Y
  • 87% of youth say the Y helps them make better everyday decisions
  • 91% of youth have made a new friend at the Y
  • 98% of youth say they look up to a positive role model at the Y
  • 89% of youth say an adult in their lives talks to them about the importance of eating healthy food
  • 72% of youth have learned conflict resolution skills at the Y
  • 92% of youth feel positive about their future

YOUTH SPORTSyoung boy with basketball

EVERYONE PLAYS. Everyone who registers becomes a team member - no tryouts, no cutting - with equal practice time and playing at least half every game.

SAFETY FIRST. Sports are modified appropriately to age level so kids enjoy play more. Equipment is well maintained and kids are constantly supervised.

FAIR PLAY. Our coaches and players show respect for everyone involved. Coaches and parents guide youth by modeling good sportsmanship.

POSITIVE COMPETITION. We believe that competition is a positive process where victory is kept in the right perspective. Learning to compete and cooperate in a competitive world is an essential lesson in life.

FAMILY INVOLVEMENT. Parents are encouraged to be appropriately involved with their child's participation, helping coaches and attending practices and games to support their child.

SPORT FOR ALL. We appreciate diversity and welcome children of all abilities, race, gender, and religions to participate.

SPORT FOR FUN. YMCA youth sports are for kids and we let them have fun.

Click here for information on the Y's Social Distancing Games!

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YOUTH FITNESSChild in martial arts gi bowing.

(Fees vary, see trifold hERE):

This program aims to provide a foundation towards gaining a more physically active lifestyle, better health through motor development, gain stronger balance, and experience better cognitive performance. Please fill out and return tri-fold interest form before signing up.

Brooks Emerson has been teaching swimming techniques to individuals of varying abilities for more than 8 years. He holds certification in Personal Training, Therapy Exercise, and Youth Development through, International Sports Science Association. More experiences have been gained through varied coursework while at Sonoma State, working with ANOVA Center for Education, summer camps in both California and Pennsylvania, and at the Sonoma County Family YMCA.

For children ages 7-12

(youth aikido flyer)

Aikido is a Japanese martial art where children will learn physical techniques to improve coordination, posture, ambidexterity, awareness & motor skills. The class format will be primarily traditional self-defense skills, games, and storytelling.

Sensei Jay H. Callender L. Ac. has 40+ years experience and holds black belt ranks in multiple styles of martial arts.



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