Fitness Center

Helping you reach your health and fitness goals. The secret to sticking with a health and fitness program is finding activities you enjoy that keep you motivated, encouraged, moving and accountable. At the Y, we have resources and programs that promote health and wellness for every age and every level of activity. We’re here to support you throughout your fitness journey and help you become the best version of yourself. Take a class, train with friends, work out in our fitness center— or try it all! Have fun while increasing strength, endurance and gaining confidence.

Family Fitness

For parents who want to work out with their child/children in the Fitness Center. Be each other’s motivation & workout partner!

  • Complete An Orientation make a reservation online for FREE orientations.
  • Parents: Sign the adult & youth agreement at your first Family Fitness orientation.
  • Youth (8-12 yrs old): Complete orientation with parent and then work out together!
    Teens (13 & 14 yrs old) : Complete orientation to be able to work out on the fitness floor.
  • Parent/guardian attendance encouraged, but not required, at orientations.

Fitness Orientations

At the Y, it is important that all members feel safe and comfortable while using the equipment in our fitness center. Whether you are new to the Y or recently rejoined, our staff is here to help you navigate your way around the Fitness Center, learn how to use cardio and strength equipment and explain what you need to know to feel comfortable at the Y.

Meet our Personal Trainers

Joe Furry

Joe Furry profile pictureJoe began his fitness journey after an almost 10 year career in public safety here in Sonoma County. When he suffered a career-ending injury he realized that he needed to make his health and fitness a priority if he wanted to make a full recovery. His first goals were weight loss and enhancing overall health. While achieving his goals and losing 50 pounds, he discovered his passion for fitness! Now he wants to share his knowledge and experience to help others achieve their goals.

Joe knows what it’s like to be overweight, and how that affects quality of life. He wants to help you discover the benefits of training that have helped him become the person he is today—strong, capable and compassionately excited to help you. Life is hectic and we all have busy schedules. Joe will show you that fitness can be manageable and enjoyable, with real and attainable results.

Kathy Webb

Kathy Webb headshotKathy has always been passionate about movement, from her equestrian bareback romps through the hills as a kid, organized sports at school, to her beloved sport of long distance Ironman. Movement has been an important and positive experience. Her passion was recognized early on by her local Y Athletics Director and she was drafted to teach. It was then she recognized her desire to help others discover benefits of fitness.

She has both personal experience in fitness, teaching and competition and education and certifications in a variety of training modalities. Kathy is a certified Personal Trainer and Certified Group Exercise Instructor. She also has certifications in bar and free weights, Spin, BOSU, TRX, and core training.

Kathy’s training style focuses on motivation, methodology, technique and form. These are her foundation to train smarter and safer. She would like to share this with others and see them gain an appreciation for fitness and well being.

Linda Sequeira

Linda Sequeira headshotLinda is committed to empowering her clients to tap into their own personal strength to reach their goals. She trains with compassion and support. Linda understands life’s challenges and the dedication it takes to be consistent and maintain balance.

Linda’s passion for health and fitness goes back many years. She has been an active runner and weight lifter. Living a healthy lifestyle has always been her priority. Healthy living allows Linda to be more active with her 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren. She also enjoys dancing, hiking, animals and a good laugh over coffee with friends.

Linda looks forward to meeting you on this journey!

Nicole Martinovich

Nicole Martinovich headshotNicole loves to exercise. Exercise has been a part of her life informally learning to swim and surf and more formally swimming competitively and later performing in dance groups.

Nicole has a Bachelor’s in Physical Education, a Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine and teaching credentials. She has studied a wide variety of health and wellness topics including yoga, Pilates, group exercise, behavior change, sports nutrition, health and life coaching and more! She has special training in diabetes prevention and management as well as lifestyle and behavior change.

She loves to teach and help others achieve their health and wellness goals. Nicole has been with the Y since 1993, teaching, training, coaching, providing programming and supporting the health and wellness of our community all along the way.

Nicole’s message to potential clients:
“Training and coaching are about getting you from where you are to where you want to be. You show up, do the work. I’ll bring my all; from sets and reps to downdog and hundreds, with lifestyle hacks, diet course corrects, meditation, inspiration, tools and techniques, with focus and fun. Let’s get started!”

Jessica Elliott

Jessica Elliott portraitJessica first gained an interest in fitness when she was 25 and started coaching her family and friends. This interest quickly developed into a passion for helping others and soon after became her chosen career path. Since then Jessica has been dedicated to understanding the most effective and efficient ways to help clients:

  • increase strength and mobility
  • correct and prevent muscle imbalances
  • decrease body fat through proper physical training and nutrition strategies

She truly believes that we are always better together and can not wait to have the opportunity to work with you!

Avery Souza

Avery Souza portraitAvery first discovered his passion for kinesiology and adaptive physical education when he was 22 studying at the Santa Rosa Junior College. He has been working at the JC for the past 7 years in the Kinesiology Department as instructional staff. In this role he has developed and delivered programs for individuals with a variety of conditions such as stroke, traumatic brain injury, paralysis, and cerebral palsy. He specializes in tailoring exercises and routines to meet the individual needs of each client. He loves teaching people how to improve their lives and create options through fitness.
As Avery completes his degree in Kinesiology, he continues to teach at the JC, and has now joined the Personal Training team at the Y.
When he is not at the JC or the Y, you can find Avery hiking, fishing, or kayaking.