Group Exercise

Improve your health and reach your goals alongside a community of supportive classmates and encouraging instructors. The Y offers a wide-variety of free classes led by amazing instructors, including cardio, cycle, low impact, yoga and pilates, water exercises and more for all ages and abilities.

Click on the link to our schedule above, and use the dropdown box in the upper right to select the category of the class you'd like to take, in order to to save your spot.

Class descriptions are available on the reservation schedule above, too!

Arrive within 10 minutes of class start time

For your safety, all members are welcomed to join class up to 10 minutes of class start time. For yoga classes and other classes that begin with silent meditation, please do not enter the room during this time - wait until the class has completed that portion.

Age requirements for classes

Members age 13 and up are allowed to participate in all group exercise classes. Members age 12 and under who would like to attend class should contact the Associate Director of Health and Wellness for an exception.

Personal items

For the safety of all our participants, all personal items may be stored in our locker room, or at the back of the classroom.

Cell phones

All cell phones and other mobile devices should be in silent mode with the vibrate function turned off.

Virtual Y Classes

Use our Virtual Y hub to access live virtual classes, as well as a selection of pre-recorded classes. Just click the "Virtual Y" button in the upper right corner, and log in with your Y Membership barcode number.

Reservations are for in person classes only. Live streaming classes do not require a reservation.

Fee-Based Classes

Youth Aikido

For children ages 7-12.
Next session starts in September!

Aikido is a Japanese martial art where children will learn physical techniques to improve coordination, posture, ambidexterity, awareness, and motor skills. The class format will be primarily traditional self-defense skills, games, and storytelling.

Sensei Jay H. Callender L. Ac. has 40+ years experience and holds black belt ranks in multiple styles of martial arts.

Adult Aikido

Tuesdays and Thursdays
4:30 PM - 5:45 PM

Don Stratton, 6th Dan has 45 years of training and been teaching at the YMCA since 1975 and is affiliated with Aikido World Headquarters. Aikido is a martial art that promotes harmony and non-aggression by developing an awareness of oneself, an awareness of others and a way of interacting in harmony.

For further information, contact:

Nasrina Evenstar, Health & Wellness Director
(707) 545-9622, ext. 3128