MOSHAINE Smart Jump Rope Machine Electronic Skipping Ropes 1-10 Speed Level Adjustment Multiplayer Jumping Rope Groups Rope Skipping LED Display Counter Workout for Women/Men/Kids

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【UPGRADE JUMP ROPE】- Release the hands to jump, free your hands and make jumping so easy.Say goodbye to the traditional rope jumping which requires shaking the rope and straining the wrist, without adjusting the length of the rope.Appropriate for all ages (Adults, Men, Women, Children, Kids, Boys, and Girls). 【REMOTE ADJUST 1-10 SPEED】- Jump rope machine has 1-10 speed levels,Adjust the speed of rotation use the remote you don't need to bend down on the intelligent rope skipping can change the jump speed at any time without stopping.Suitable for Kids, the elderly or beginners, professional athletes physical fitness and speed training.Tips: Beginners are recommended to use a rope, two ropes can double the speed, be careful. 【JUMP ROPE WITH COUNTER】- The HD LED display on this fitness jump rope shows Circles and speed level, is useful to monitor your exercising progress。When the rope rotates and touches the foot, not count; when it continues to rotate normally, counts.Tips: Auto stops resting every 20 minutes of rotation 【HIGH QUALITY】- Rechargeable rope skipping machine body is made of PP material, with non-slip bottom, will not move when rotating, the rope use of PVC steel wire rope and soft rubber rope, even if accidentally thrown to the foot, will not hurt the foot is durable . smooth ball bearings on the inside to offer an unhindered & stable 360° rotation, not tangling and coiling.No noise 【RECHARGEABLE & EASY TO USE 】- Self counting jump rope with 1500 mAh battery, 3 hours fully charged, can be used for about 10 hours;3 steps to use:1.Insert and screw the soft rod clockwise,make sure that the rod is fixed tightly.2.Jump rope machine on the open LED display lights up, 3. press the start button on the remote control, then the buzzer have a "BI-BI-BI" will sound., you can start jumping(Tips to be ready) 【SUPERFIT & FUN SPORTS】- With our MOSHAINE jump ropes for fitness, you can burn calories fast, build & develop muscles,speed training & stamina, improve cardiovascular health, physical coordination.Rechargeable jump rope machine can multi users together, invite your family and friends to have fun jumping together (allows 4 users MAX jump together.) can be used indoors, outdoors, office, park, gym, party or any place. 【AFTER-SALE SERVICE】-The fun skipping rope makes a great gift for Kids,Men and Women alike. If you are in any way dissatisfied with your transaction with us for free on the ordering page before giving féẹd-báck .We promise to give you a satisfactory solution.DON'T WORRY,ORDER NOW.

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